Eq Plus Neck Band

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Product:  Eq Plus Neck Band
Orientation Type: Neckband
Connector Type: Wireless
250mAh Battery Capacity
Chipset- Bluetrum
Software ENC
Inbuilt 6 Sound EQ With Dedicated Button.
Snug fit in ear.



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Eq Plus Neck Band - Your Ultimate Music Companion


Enjoy Uninterrupted Music with ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) Technology.

The Eq Plus Neck Band comes with advanced ENC technology, which filters out ambient noise and provides crystal clear audio for both calls and music. Experience uninterrupted music and communication in even the noisiest environments with the Eq Plus Neck Band.

Customize Your Music Experience with Six-Mode Equalizer


The inbuilt 6 sound EQ and a dedicated button on the Eq Plus Neck Band allow you to adjust and customize the audio output as per your liking. Choose from six unique sound modes and switch between them with ease, to match your mood or activity.


Comfortable and Lightweight Design with Long Battery Life


Designed for a snug fit in your ear, the Eq Plus Neck Band comes with adjustable ear straps and comfortable earbuds that ensure a comfortable experience for prolonged use. The 250mAh battery capacity and Type-C charging provide up to 30 hours of playback time.


Stay Connected with In-line Mic and Dual Pairing


The Eq Plus Neck Band comes with an in-line mic that allows you to take calls and control music with ease. It also features dual pairing, which allows you to connect two devices simultaneously. The Eq Plus Neck Band is lightweight and designed for 3D sound quality audio with a sophisticated design microphone.


Get ready to experience the ultimate music experience with the Eq Plus Neck Band. Order now and enjoy the advanced ENC technology, six-mode equalizer, comfortable fit, and long-lasting battery life.

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