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RGB colour Light

Speaker system?2.0 speakers 

USB Powered 

Voltage: USB DC 5V 

Rated power?3 W*2 

Maximum power: 3.5 W 

Impedance:4 ohm 

Signal-to-noise ratio: 58dB 

Frequency response:20Hz-20KHz 

Distortion:80Hz-20KHz < 1 %

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Typically, the sound produced by a laptop or computer speaker is insufficient. The best audio quality for music and gaming may not even be provided by audio equipment connected to the PC via the standard USB interface. You may maximise the audio on your PC by using EUS51L USB speakers with specialised drivers.


To receive high-quality sound, you can connect actually useful USB speakers to a USB port on your computer. The most common kind of USB speaker is the "all digital" variety. These use a single USB wire to connect to any available USB port on your laptop or desktop.


The improved volume and sound quality when using a EUS51L USB speaker with a laptop are the first things you'll notice. In comparison to the built-in speakers on your laptop, any Endefo USB speaker provides you with a far richer audio experience with a wider frequency response range.




When you plug in EUS51L USB speakers to a free USB port, you need not provide any driver files to make them work. Modern Windows and Mac operating systems automatically recognise the speakers and you can use them immediately. With the maximum output of 3.5 watts, you will be pleasantly surprised at just how loud the output is. Also, you will love the sound quality that these USB speakers produce for you. If you are used to internal laptop speakers, the upgrade in sound will blow you away!


High-quality sound generally costs more and you need to spend extra for it. A complete PC speaker system can cost hundreds of dollars for those who are true audiophiles.  But you can get bang for your buck from Endefo USB speakers.




RGB lights may be a great way to create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion, including parties, events, and just chilling with friends or by yourself. By purchasing a EUS51L speaker, you will get the same lighting effect without making extra purchases or installing more waterproof gear, as opposed to buying separate RGB lighting to install on your boat, power sport, or other outdoor adventure areas.


RGB-illuminated EUS51L is just pure entertainment! Being able to select the colour to go with your mood and music can be liberating, exhilarating, or even soothing. If you're searching for that one upgrade to bring your excursions to the next level, Endefo RGB speakers are a great option.




Minor variations of 1 or 2dB sound originating from the speakers are nothing to worry about because. In general, approximately 3dB of sound is thought to be the bottom limit of what most people can hear. However, it is more likely that multiple variances of 3 dB or more may cause audible alterations to your music. Resonating frequencies can be particularly problematic since certain tones and notes in music might then be accentuated or hidden. Echoing frequencies appear on a frequency chart as distinct isolated humps. The EUS51L's adaptive amplification provides support at these lower frequencies, minimising any reverberation problems.


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