ENDEFO Portable Speaker BULLET 1006 EPS01

₹ 1,899 ₹ 3,999

Battery: Built-in Lithium Battery, 1200mAh

Charging Voltage/Current: DC5V/1A

Charging Time: 2-3 Hrs

Play Time: 6-8 Hrs

Wireless Range: 33ft (10m)

Signal to Noise: 86dB

Frequency Range: 150Hz-20KHz

Distortion THD: *4%

Material: ABS, Fabric, Silicone

Speaker Driver Unit 3 ohm*12W *1

Weight 359g

Dimensions: 80(D)*120(H)

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Nowadays, almost everyone has a smartphone, which means that everyone always has their music with them. You want to be able to listen to music wherever you go, now that you have it. While doing so frequently necessitates packing a pair of headphones, there are times when you'll want to share the music with others, which is when a good Bluetooth speaker comes in handy.


Bluetooth speakers have a plethora of benefits. You don't need any additional cords or equipment to use them because they connect wirelessly to your smartphone, tablet, or other devices. The majority are also quite easily portable, making it simple to carry them anywhere a bunch of people might wish to listen to music together, including the park, the beach, or other public spaces.


Since Bluetooth speakers may be carried almost anywhere, they are typically quite durable and made to be used in settings where other speakers might be easily damaged. It doesn't matter if you drop them in the sand or leave them coated in dust in the garage; most Bluetooth speakers will continue to function in almost any setting. A Bluetooth speaker like the BULLET 1006 is even waterproof, so it can withstand a drink spill or a splash of water from a pool and continue to function.




The BULLET 1006 Bluetooth speaker from Endefo serves as both the perfect ambience device and a powerful musical device. The speaker stands out in any decor and raises the style factor of the area while producing a room-filling audio output. It has an ergonomic design that gives it a unique touch. Endefo has infused BULLET Speakers with cutting-edge technology, including app-based LED lighting and music control, which opens up a whole new range of possibilities and elevates portable entertainment to a whole new level by providing you total control over the speaker in the palm of your hand.


Now play your favourite music in any space and watch over one million different colour combinations of colours in perfect time with the music on the programmable LED Lights while listening to it on dual stereo speakers. The possibilities with this device are boundless, whether you want to choose a single hue and unwind or impress your friends by cycling through an infinite number of colours with the slide touch control.




Some people liken their journey to taking part in adventure sports. They might want to go rafting, hiking, or participate in other activities. The IPX5 offers protection against hazardous water conditions. Let the bass uplift your mood while you traverse a difficult environment or piece of terrain. Even the gloomy weather might not be able to compete with the proper playlist.


You need the right portable speaker to keep going and put the anxiety at bay; the BULLET 1006 includes durable silicon and ABS to protect itself from a fall. You can discover that music helps you forget about the challenging situations at hand. So it becomes crucial to listen to the right music to stay motivated. The tunes should be joyful and upbeat.




You may use a good Bluetooth speaker with an inbuilt microphone to help you with a variety of tasks, such as making calls and listening to online classes. The BULLET 1006 speakers boost your convenience while serving a more demanding purpose. Using a customised speaker with an integrated microphone, you may answer calls while you're cooking, doing chores, or simply getting your hands messy.


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