ENDEFO Enbuds 2 ETW004

₹ 1,399 ₹ 2,499

MODEL: Enbuds 2 ETW004


COLOUR: Black, White 

FEATURES: Bluetooth 5.0/ touch sensor/ voice assistance support/ water resistance

COMPATIBLE WITH: Smartphones, Laptops, Desktops 

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Presenting the groundbreaking Enbuds ProX from Endefo, the ideal fusion of technology and comfort. These earbuds have a touch sensor, enabling you to control your music and call with a single tap. With voice assistance support, you can now access your favourite tracks and remain connected to your world with only your voice. Say goodbye to tangled cables and welcome to seamless control and convenience with these earphones.


Endefo, the brand associated with innovation and flair, has done it again. These earphones are created for consumers who seek both aesthetic and usefulness and have delivered on both fronts.


The touch sensor on these earphones provides a new level of convenience to your music experience, ushering in the days of fumbling with wires and buttons. You may easily play your favourite songs, skip tracks, and answer calls with a single swipe. This simple technology frees you from the distractions of cables and buttons, letting you remain connected to your surroundings with seamless control.




Elevate your audio experience up a notch with Enbuds 2 and their advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology. Say goodbye to choppy connections and lost signals and hello to crystal clear, uninterrupted sound. With Bluetooth 5.0, you can enjoy your music from further distances with a stronger and more stable connection. 




Unleash the power of touch with Enbuds 2 innovative touch sensor technology. Interact with your audio like never before, with just a gentle tap of your finger. Simply tap to play, pause, skip tracks, or take calls. Never fumble with buttons again. Upgrade to effortless audio control with Enbuds 2. 




Enbuds 2 offers the utmost in audio independence! These earbuds are water-resistant and made to survive even the worst weather conditions, so you can listen to your favourite music wherever the day takes you. Enbuds 2 will keep the music playing whether you're running in the rain, playing in the waves at the beach, or just caught in a sudden deluge.

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