ENDEFO Car charger ECC05

₹ 299 ₹ 399

Model: 2.4A Dual USB Car charger 

Product Code: ECC05

Power: 12 W 

Colour: Black 

Charging: Type C

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A variety of criteria determine a good car charger. In its most basic form, a vehicle USB charger may be used to charge a wide range of devices, from smartphones and tablets to power banks and even various camera types. A few crucial elements that define the quality of a decent vehicle charger adapter include quality, correct voltage, rapid charging, compatibility, and dependability. 


The greatest car charger can provide you with the most efficiency when charging. While driving, you may use your smartphones, tablets, and other consoles to listen to music, navigate, and so on. As a result, vehicle chargers are quite popular among car owners. These car chargers are easy to instal and can charge both Android and Apple cellphones. Endefo vehicle charger with cable is designed to provide the greatest travel experience possible. Endefo car chargers are the highest quality vehicle chargers available, including dual-port car charger hubs. 


Whether it's a phone or another item, the charger gives the electricity it needs to function. A faulty charger can harm and destroy the battery and other device components. Endefo offers the finest dual-port rapid vehicle charger in India, ensuring that your gadgets have a faultless and friendly charging experience.




We are living in a smart generation, where mobile phones are the components that guide us through life. With the evolution of technology, breakthroughs can be seen in every field. USB vehicle chargers have become an integral part of our daily lives, making things more convenient. People started looking for safety problems when utilising a USB automobile charger. Endefo is equipped with cutting-edge technologies, such as Qualcomm quick charging, and a highly integrated chipset, which ensures the safety of your electronics and car.




People are travelling faster than ever. In our fast-paced world, our mobile devices serve a vital role. We've come to rely on these devices for all of the aforementioned chores. This dual-port USB charger allows you to charge many devices at the same time, making your life easier. You can charge two smartphones simultaneously with Endefo 2.4 Amp and a Qualcomm-powered quick charging connector.




Having a modest USB charging station on hand in case of an emergency is an excellent approach to prevent being in a tough situation. Mobile device chargers come in a variety of styles, but the majority of them are compact because they are meant to be used on the go. You simply need to keep the Endefo mini car charger in your car, and you'll be OK due to its lightweight and compact size.

ENDEFO Car charger ECC04

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