ENDEFO Car charger ECC04

₹ 699 ₹ 1,299

Model: Car Charger 

Product Code: ECC04

Power: 30 W 

Colour: Black 

Charging: Type C

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The ENDEFO Car Charger ECC04 is designed to recharge gadgets up to two times quicker than standard charging methods. This car mobile charger includes smart charging technology that can power your compatible items and is equipped with the proprietary Smart IC optimal. This USB charger is ideal for all of your charging requirements. This vehicle charger with C type connector is compatible with many sorts of technology, including Android, Apple, Bluetooth headphones or speakers, wearables, dash cameras, and so on.


With its unique qualities, it is ideal for your device, and you can get ENDEFO Car Charger online. Built-in safeguards protect against excessive current, overheating, and overcharging. A device with overcurrent protection is a piece of electrical equipment that pauses the flow of current to protect service, feeder, and branch circuits and equipment against excessive current. One of the smallest USB car chargers ever made. Then hurry up and get Endefo 30W Car Charging Adapter online right now!




All USB and type C powered devices, including Quick Charge 2.0, are compatible with this car charger plug. Our product supports VOOC, DASH, WARP, QC3.0 & APPLE PD charging. 



Given how quickly certain cellphone batteries degrade and how much some of us rely on our phones, a multiport USB charger might be a very helpful choice for people on the road. You won't always be able to rely on a mobile phone charger. When you're driving, all you need is a vehicle charger that delivers a speedy charging experience while still being safe. Endefo dual USB vehicle charger is the best value for money. They are interchangeable with any car charging port.




Having a modest USB charging station on hand in case of an emergency is an excellent approach to prevent being in a tough situation. Mobile device chargers come in a variety of styles, but the majority of them are compact because they are meant to be used on the go. You simply need to keep the Endefo mini car charger in your car, and you'll be OK due to its lightweight and compact size.

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